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Viceseason brand

was founded in 2020 by people who dedicated their lives to art. The purpose of the brand is to create a unique high-quality product, show creativity in any of its manifestations, and create a unique style.

Viceseason clothing

is inspired by city nightlife, it’s doesn’t about fashion. Almost every item of the brand is created in a unisex format. With each new cloth we improve the quality, find new solutions and technologies, constantly study and use new materials. We think that clothes should not only make person stylish, but also be reliable and technologically advanced. We believe that all the customers are equal, and clothes don’t lose its value, that’s why we don’t make sales.

Undercover style

individual style of the brand, which is located between the two subcultures of the underground and the fashion industry. This is a hidden style, a hidden meaning. A style in which you do not need to expose yourself because it is read from afar.

The Viceseason team

is a team that consists of people from different fields of art. Each team member is unique in his work and contributes to the development of the brand. Each of us has his own extraordinary thinking, but we are all united by a love to clothes.

Viceseason history

began in 2014 from the “1206” graffiti team. Interest in the production of clothing prompted the team members to study the intricacies of sewing. A few years later, the first clothing brand "1206" appeared, directly associated with graffiti. Around the brand began to appear more and more creative people who wanted to take part in the life of this story. So, in 2020, a new association created the “Viceseason Undercover”.

The “1206” team still alive, the participants are scattered in different parts of the planet and continue to draw.

Creativity Viceseason

is based on the underground movement. One of the main components of the brand is electronic music, rave subculture and graffiti. It is important for us to show our viewers through our photos that clothes are an art object. We carefully approach each of our shootings, think over the concept and meaning. We create content that tells a story.