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Jacket «Под прицелом BLACK»
$ 270
Size table

1. Filler

(90% duck down / 10% duck feather)

Temperature regime -30.

2. Thermal insulation

The “warmth” of a down jacket is determined by the FP indicator. This international unit of quality determines the ability of a down-feather mixture to regain its volume after compression. The higher the percentage of down to feather, the warmer the down jacket and retains more air inside. In our down jacket F.P. 650+ indicates the highest quality of down and low feather impurity in it - no more than 10%.

3. Trimmings

High-quality branded Trimmings VCSSN.

4. Fabric

The lightweight fabric was ordered from the world's leading synthetic fabrics in China. The composition of the fabric is waterproof 100% RIPSTOP nylon.

5. Details

The jacket has an inside pocket and a hanger hook. Important details - a fleece layer inside the collar and pockets, it will warm and protect from the wind.

6. Weight

The down jacket weighs only 1 kilogram and feels light on the body, without any feeling of heaviness of a bulky winter jacket.

7. Design

Silkscreen print on chest, collar and back. "Under the gun" - the print on the back, carries the idea that each of us is currently under the control of the regime, but we are not going to succumb to it.

8. Packing

All jackets are packed in branded durable pimply bags, in which the product will come to you in safe.


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