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Jacket «Global midnight»
$ 210
Size table

1. Fabric chameleon

Waterproof nylon primer material has the ability to change color depending on the lighting. In daylight, it has a dark blue color, at night - black. Composition - 100% polyester.

2. Inside

This year, the amount of down has been increased. Temperature regime -15. The composition of the filler - synthetic cotton bio-down.

3. Design

There is VCSSN silicone patch on the chest, on the back of the collar there is a silk-screened logo print.

4. Details

The jacket has an inside pocket and a hanger hook. Last year we had the problem of Velcro coming off. Velcro has been replaced and tested this year. Two double velcro pockets on the outside.

5. Packing

All jackets are packing in branded durable pimply bags, in which the product will come to you in safe.