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Dress «Blade»
$ 88
Size table

1. Material

Elastic eco-leather with the effect of cracks and matte shimmer. Fabric has a nice soft thin coating inside. It has an ideal density, due to which the product is comfortable to wear, it does not have a “greenhouse” effect, but at the same time ideally hides all body imperfections.

2. Shape

Fitting cut and mini length. Due to the fit and fabric, the dress perfectly refines and slims the body, visually reduces the waist and lengthens the legs. Dress has sexy open back with cutouts.

3. Design

Matte metal branding in a futuristic shape with logo engraving on the chest. Matte decorative zippers on the bottom and top of the dress. Matte metal buttons on the neck.

4. Line

Included into “Criminal business” line. The design is inspired by the style of the movie “Blade”, which shows the criminal life of the city at night. Attractive, but at the same time sharp, like a blade.


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