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Pants «Mauser»
$ 99
Size table

1. Material

Premium fabric from Italy, composed of a mix of polyester and spandex (as you know, we always choose the best fabrics, and this fabric is definitely in our top).

2. Details

The inner waistband is trimmed with a branded cotton tape that shapes the fit. We put this tape in trousers first time and our world turned upside down. We know for sure that we are on the new level in the design of clothes now.

3. Trimmings

Durable YKK Trimmings.

4. Shape

Oversized, straight, wide trousers.

5. Line

Included in the "Criminal Business" line. The trousers got their name due to their functionality, practicality, elegance and lethal force, because they shoot at the very heart.


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